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Simply put, AllergiCare™ Relief Centers provides patients with an increased quality of life. All types of symptoms, whether sinus or congestion related, skin related, stomach related -- or any symptom at all, is usually the result of the immune system’s inability to cope with the interaction of a substance, emotion, or stressor. The body, as a result of this interaction, activates the body’s natural defense mechanism in the form of the symptoms that you experience (ie. Itching, coughing, sneezing, headache, etc).

There have been many scientific studies performed proving the relationship between stress and the immune system’s ability to effectively cope with the interaction to these events. Stress may be either internal (psychological), or external (substance, chemical, temperature, etc.). It is the complex relationship between our neurological system (regulates our body in relationship to our perception of the world, thereby regulating our body’s behaviour), our endocrine system (responsible for the release of hormones in our system used to regulate functions including mood, growth and development, tissue function and metabolism), and our immune system (the body’s ability to protect against disease) that determines our body’s ability to deal with the stress and the results (symptoms) that are experienced if these systems are not working effectively.

It is when these systems are not working at optimal level that disease and associated symptoms often result. The chart below helps to illustrate this relationship:

AllergiCare™ Relief Centers uses neurological stress reduction therapy to alter your body’s perception to both internal and external stressors. If your body is able to effectively deal with these stressors, the diseases and associating symptoms can be alleviated.

The BAX3000 biofeedback and LASER technology used at AllergiCare™ clinics is non-invasive (no shots), drug-free and affordable! We are committed to providing you with the lifestyle you deserve.

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Affordable care priced according to severity of individual case.

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